Technical animation

Luxxion creates technical animations of existing 3D CAD models

Luxxion specializes in high-quality technical animations for the technical industry. With our 3D animations, we support sales and marketing departments of both SMEs and multinationals.

Thanks to years of experience in the technical sector, we can quickly empathize with the operation of your machines and/or processes. Our mechanical engineering background combined with our knowledge of specialist software enables us to make realistic 3D animations.

We understand how CAD models are structured and know how to best transfer complex compositions from CAD software to our software. Complete production lines, plants or a complete factory animation are no problem for us. Ultimately, only one thing matters to you: a surprisingly good end result.

Technical animation of a pump

Core values


We are used to signing a statement of confidentiality (NDA) before the start of a technical animation. No NDA? We are happy to send you a good basic version that is adaptable to your own needs.


Knowledge of advanced software and how to apply it correctly results in high-quality animations with a good price-quality ratio. The 3D animations often last for many years!


Thanks to our technical background and years of experience with various complex projects for the technical industry, we can guarantee that we can create any technical animation without problems.


We calculate all animations in-house with our own servers. This means that the 3D CAD models are not sent to other servers that are 'in the cloud' elsewhere. The data stays with us.


We are used to deadlines. Try to order the 3D animation in time so that we can reserve time in our production schedule. If we promise a deadline, we are guaranteed to deliver an animation.


From the petrochemical industry to high-tech chip machines

Petrochemistry process animation
Kreber asked us to make a technical 3D animation of their early tower. The tower and all parts were supplied as a 3D CAD model, but we built the entire petrochemical environment. This animation shows how this process installation works, but also provides information about the various important parts.
View caseHigh-tech animation semiconductor industry
Besi develops complex machines for the semiconductor industry. They asked us to make a technical animation of the Fico Sawing Line (FSL). This 3D animation shows how air, water and infrared are used during the sawing process. Due to confidentiality, only part of the 3D animation is visible in this case.
View caseOffshore animation
CAPE Holland develops and sells tools for the offshore industry. They asked us to make a technical animation of the VLT-U. The Vibro Lifting Tool was supplied as a 3D CAD model. 3D animation also offers many options and benefits for an underwater environment. Want to have an offshore animation made? Then be sure to check out this case.
View caseCVT animation: explanation of how a continuously variable transmission works
Product animation for RatioX. The 3D animation is used at trade shows and on their website. The animation explains how this continuously variable transmission works especially for e-bikes. Based on the 3D CAD model, the animation shows how the cones slide together and the gear ratio changes. This product animation also explains the freewheel function.
View caseAnimation of kinetic energy and a generator
The rotating UPS operates on the basis of a flywheel principle. In the event of a power failure, the flywheel uses kinetic energy to drive a generator, which produces electrical energy for critical loads. To clarify how the PowerPro 2700 works, Hitec Luxxion had a technical 3D animation created based on CAD data and an extensive storyboard.
View caseAgro animation about the operation of the Kuhn baler
Kuhn has asked to make a new animation of their baler for the Agritechnica. Although we had already done this in 2013, we decided to make a new animation due to the development of new features. Kuhn also decided to make a short promo/teaser to complement the functional animation to enhance the product experience.
View case


of various technical animations

realistic renders

Thanks to our huge collection of realistic materials, we are able to create hyper-realistic product animations.

Professional visual, photorealistic render, engine block


It is important that our animations provide insight into the operation of a machine or the course of processes. That's why we make high-quality technical animations for the tech industry.


Efficient realization of our technical animations involves investing in software and powerful hardware. This allows us to animate the most complex projects.


Driven by enthusiasm, we work with our technical insight and sense of presentation on beautiful technical animations. Here you can see some of our animations such as: Technical animation, product animation or concept animation.


We offer the solution and create a technical animation that perfectly meets the needs. Recently, we have been able to create many beautiful and challenging technical 3D animations. Check out the prices of various technical animations!


We have experience with a range of technical animations. Feel free to contact us for advice. Many went before you and had their technical animation made at Luxxion. But product animations and concept animations were also provided by us.

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