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Technical Animation


Luxxion specializes in high-quality technical animations for the technical industry. With our 3D animations we support sales and marketing departments of small and medium-sized businesses as well as multinational enterprises.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the technical industry, we can quickly familiarize ourselves with technical processes and the operation of your machines.Our background in mechanical engineering in combination with our knowledge of specialist software allows us to create realistic 3D animations.

We understand the structure of CAD models and we know how complex compositions created in CAD software are best transferred to our software. Animations of entire production lines, plants, or a complete factory are no problem for us, because in the end, there is only one thing that matters to our clients: a surprisingly good end result.


We are used to signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before starting a project. You don't have an NDA? We are happy to provide you with a good basic version that you can customize to suit your needs.


Knowledge of advanced software and its proper application results in high-quality animations with a good price/quality ratio, which can often be used for many years!


Because of our technical background and many years of experience with complex projects for the technical industries, we can assure you that we will succeed in realizing your technical animation without any problems.


We calculate all animations ourselves, on our own servers. This means that your 3D CAD models will not be sent to other servers "in the cloud''. Your data will not leave our premises.


We are used to working with deadlines. Please order your 3D animation in time, so that we can accommodate your order in our production planning. If we agree to a deadline, this means we guarantee the delivery of your animation.

Kreber asked us to create a technical 3D animation of their prilling tower. The tower and all parts were provided as a 3D CAD model, and we built the entire petrochemical environment around it. This animation provides information about the various essential parts of the tower, but also shows the operation of this processing plant.

Besi develops complex machines for the semiconductor industry. They asked us to create a technical animation of the Fico Sawing Line (FSL). This 3D animation illustrates how air, water and infrared are used during the cutting process. Due to confidentiality reasons only a part of the 3D animation can be shown here.

CAPE Holland develops and sells equipment for the offshore industry. They asked us to create a technical animation of the VLT-U. The Vibro Lifting Tool was provided as a 3D CAD model. 3D animation also offers many possibilities and advantages when it comes to underwater environments. Are you interested in an offshore animation? Be sure to view this case.

Our animations provide insight into the operation of your machine or into the phases of your processes. That is why we specialize in high-quality technical animations for the technical industries.

Every day, we create beautiful and challenging technical animations, driven by enthusiasm, technical insight and a with an eye for presentation. Do you want us to create your 3D animation? Please, contact us!

Efficient realization of our technical animations requires investment in both software and powerful hardware, which allows us to create animations for even the most intricate projects.

Present technical animations in a new interactive way: Presents2U


Our products include technical animations, product animations and/or concept animations. Mixed Reality is the solution of the future for the technical industry.


We are experienced in creating a wide range of technical animations. We offer the right solution and create a technical animation that is tailored to your needs.


Here, you can see some of the animations we created. Much of our work is not online for reasons of confidentiality. However, we are allowed to show many of these 3D animations to you in person.


Recently, we have had the opportunity to create many great and challenging technical 3D animations. Have a look at the detailed cases for a number of technical animations here.


Here you can find our references. Over time, many clientshad their technical animations created by Luxxion. In addition to technical animations, we also realized product animations and concept animations.

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