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Company: CAPE Holland

Locations: The Netherlands (Beilen)

Headquarters: The Netherlands (Beilen)

Founded: 2002

Employees: N.A.


The Vibro Lifting Tool (VLT) by CAPE Holland is a new development in the onshore and offshore industry. This technical 3D animation shows how this product works. The animation is used at trade fairs, but also for persuading potential customers.

Anja Speelman

"During the trade fair, many interested visitors wanted to know who created this animation"

Luxxion selected the vessel Oleg Strashnovto serve as the basis for the technical animation of the CAPE Vibro System™ for CAPE Holland. The Oleg Strashnov is used by Seaway Heavy Lifting, a marine contractor in the offshore industry.

All the CAPE Holland equipment was placed on the empty deck of the Oleg Strashnov. The entire environment, including the animated sea, the fog hanging over the watersurface, and the surrounding underwater area,wascreated by Luxxion.

The new CAPE Vibro System™ by CAPE Holland is used in the onshore and offshore industry. Due to the use of a new, patented lock mechanism the Vibro tool can also be used for lifting objects, which results in huge savings in both time and costs.

Because Luxxion had created a technical animation for CAPE Holland in the past, CAPE Holland asked Luxxionto do another technical animation, in which the operation of the lock mechanism is explained.

A technical animation focuses on providing insight into the operation of a technical part or product. The example shows how we visualize an alignment error by means of a coloured centre line. We frequently use this type of overlay projection.

The overlays are used to focus on a particularpartin the animation and to visualize this part in a screen. Thus, the part is made visible in detail, without the animation having to zoom in or out. This results in smooth, clear and uncluttered images.

The VLT works with mechanically linked wheels. In the technical animation the operating principle of the controlled imbalance of the Vibro Lifting Tool is clearly shown and indicated by means of animated arrows.

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