Vibro Lifting Tool

Technical animation installing offshore wind turbines with monopiles

CAPE Holland's vibro lifting tool (VLT) is an innovative solution for the safe and efficient installation and removal of monopiles for offshore windmills. The tool uses vibrations to move the monopile, which offers a number of advantages over traditional methods.

How the VLT works and helps install monopiles

The VLT can retrieve, reverse and position the monopile in a single action. This makes installation considerably easier and safer than traditional methods, which require multiple actions and the use of a gripper or seabed installation frame.

The vibrations that the VLT generates are much lower than the impact forces required for traditional methods. This results in less noise pollution for local residents and the surrounding area.

The VLT is suitable for monopiles with a diameter of up to 10 meters and a weight of up to 2,000 tons. This makes the tool suitable for a wide range of offshore wind projects, from small wind farms to large wind farms in deep waters.

The purpose of the offshore animation

A technical animation based on the VLT's 3D CAD model visualizes the tool's unique properties. The animation shows how the tool retrieves, reverses and brings the monopile into a vertical position.

A new development in the onshore and offshore industry is CAPE Holland's Vibro Lifting Tool (VLT). This technical 3D animation shows how this product works. The animation is used at trade shows, but also to convince potential customers.

Realization of the offshore animation

Luxxion has chosen the Oleg Strashnov ship as the basis for the technical animation of the CAPE Vibro System™ for CAPE Holland. The Oleg Strashnov is deployed by Seaway Heavy Lifting, a marine contractor in the offshore industry.

All CAPE Holland equipment has been placed on the empty deck of the Oleg Strashnov. The entire environment, including the animated sea, the mist that hangs over the water surface and the underwater environment, was created by Luxxion.

CAPE Holland's new CAPE Vibro System™ is used in the onshore and offshore industries. Thanks to a new patented LOCK mechanism, it is also possible to use the vibro tool to hoist objects, resulting in enormous time and cost savings.

Following an earlier technical animation that Luxxion had made for CAPE Holland, CAPE Holland asked Luxxion again to make a technical animation that explains how the LOCK mechanism works.

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