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Company: Besi

Location: The Netherlands (Duiven)

Headquarters: The Netherlands, Swiss

Founded: 1995

Number of employees: approx.1700


Besi uses this high-tech 3D animation as a visual aid for their sales staff in the semiconductor industry. This technical animation is based on 3D CAD models, and contributes significantly to a quick and clear explanation of the machine to potential customers.

Olaf Stok - Product Manager Besi

'' The result of animating a system with a high grade of motion and mechanical complexity is mind blowing, and will be the next step in visual aid for sales reps.''

This technical animation quickly and clearly explains the main aspects of the machine in the correct order. After watching this technical animation, there is time to deal with specific questions. Because, in this high-tech animation, many parts and processes are made visible that cannot normally be visualized, the animation has a huge added value compared to other presentation methods. On top of that, the animation gives the presentationthe desired professional look.

This technical animation of the FSL clearly shows what is going on inside the machine. For each process unit, an icon is used to indicate the section of the machine in which a particular process take place. Vision technology is made visible, as well as the points in the process where water, air or infrared is used. This case is an example of how we can visualize sophisticated production technologies. This high-tech animation proves that we can also handle complex 3D animations for the semiconductor industry.

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