Fico Sawing Line

High-tech animation for the semiconductor industry

The Besi FSL is an advanced machine with a variety of high-end technologies.

The operation of the machine visualized through 3D animation

This technical animation is used to explain the main features of the machine quickly and clearly in the correct order. After watching this technical animation, there is still time left to delve deeper into specific questions. Because this high-tech animation makes many parts and processes visible that are normally impossible to visualize, the animation has an enormous added value compared to other presentation tools. An additional advantage is that the animation provides the desired professional look.

The FSL technical animation clearly shows what is happening behind the covers of the machine. An icon was used for each process unit to show which machine section a particular process takes place in. Vision technology becomes visible, but also the places in the process where water, air or infrastructure are used. This is how we make sophisticated production technology visible. With this high-tech animation, we have shown that complex 3D animations for the semiconductor industry are also a good fit for us.

The purpose of the animation

Besi uses this high-tech 3D animation as a visual tool for their sellers in the semiconductor industry. This technical animation is based on 3D CAD and contributes significantly to a quick and clear explanation of the machine to potential customers.

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Olaf Stok - Product Manager Besi

The result of animating a system with a high grade of motion and mechanical complexity is mind blowing, and will be the next step in visual aid for sales reps.