Prilling Tower

Petrochemistry process animation

A typical prilling installation consists of a prilling tower, a prilling machine and a prilling bucket.

The operation of a petrochemical installation

This technical animation is a realistic representation of a chemical plant, where a Kreber pilot tower is built. Prilling is a technique for producing small grains (prills) and is often used in the (petro) chemical industry. To emphasize the various functionalities, explanations are provided with overlay screens. A clear legend provides information about the various process flows.

Purpose of the animation process

In this 3D animation, you get an idea of the innovative solutions that are being used to meet the ongoing demand for efficient and safe machines for the petrochemical industry. This technical animation is intended to support sales.

The technical animation of the various processes in the prilling machine gives Kreber the opportunity to impressively introduce the petrochemical industry to the technology used to deliver high-quality prills. This requires innovative solutions and a specific way of working together within the petrochemical industry.

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Paul Dits - Managing Director

Looks fantastic! The functioning of the prilling tower is clearly visible