Targeted Microwave Solutions

Concept animation process installation

From Laboratory Scale to Test Installation. This is how the test plant in Viginia works.

Operation of the process installation

The technical 3D animation is a representative representation of the demo plant that TMS has built in Virginia. The 3D CAD models were provided in low detail by TMS and we built the environment around them. This provides the necessary extra detail and brings the technical animation to a higher level graphically. The technical animation clearly shows the operating principle of the process installation.

This technical animation shows the process that is necessary for the so-called reprocessing of coal. Because brown coal contains a lot of moisture and contamination, they are purified in the TMS processing plant. With nozzles, microwaves are blasted into the coals, causing the moisture to evaporate. This vapor is extracted as well as the dust that is released when the coals fall down.

Purpose of the industrial 3D concept animation

3D concept animation explaining the TMS (Target Microwave Solutions) process installation. This animation is intended to show investors what TMS does. A compelling animation, in which a clear voice-over explains the entire process.

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Jan Kindler - Chief Operating Officer

Looking great! Thanks to the whole animation team. It was likewise a pleasure working with you and I suspect I will be calling you again soon for another project. All the best!