PX 700

Machine animation

The PX 700 has an enormous capacity and is the largest sorting machine in Moba's range.

The operation of the machine

The Omnia PX production process consists of various components. The feed takes the eggs to various stations such as orientation, inspection and crack detection. The eggs are disinfected with UV, after which they are transported to the weighing station. The eggs hang in a carrier so that the weighing system could be placed above the egg stream. This avoids contamination of the weighing system.

The eggs are then transported from the feed to the packaging lines, passing the optional configurations for blood detection and ink-jet systems. The packaging line has an individual egg treatment that prevents cracks or cross-contamination. At the same time, this system provides the data on the egg so that each egg is traceable. In the technical animation, an egg is followed as it passes through the PX 700.

The purpose of the machine animation

Because the animation for the PX 530 was widely used and proved useful in sales for years, it was decided to also invest in a technical 3D animation for the new Omnia PX 700. This time also with a PX teaser! In this way, the operation and USPs of the machine can be visualized quickly and in a structured way. In addition, the teaser/Promo provides a professional impression and hits the viewer well. Animation with impact.

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Constance - Marketing

It turned out great! Great! Good job done.