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The aim of product animation is a professional presentation of your product. We can process all the main USP's in a professional product presentation. Product animation should give potential customers a good feeling about your product. It must generate confidence in your product and create enthusiasm for it. This can be done by presenting your products in a professional and interactive way: Presents2U

Benefits of product animation:

Product does not have to exist yet

Perfect lighting and materials

Extra images deliverable afterwards

Large-scale images available

Offers more possibilities than video

Professional and interactive

An animated video of your concept provides much insight for potential investors or customers. Since the details are not directly relevant here, this form of animation is ideally suited for creating an affordable, yet very professional and compelling animated representation of your concept. This type of animation is increasingly used, for example, to generate support for the design of a production line or production process.

Benefits of concept animation:

Early insight

Not wasting time or effort on details

Timely updating of the concept

Creating variants is easy

Generate support at an early stage

Optimum end result

Professional look

The HoloLens isa pair of AR/MR smartglasses. This means that it can project 2D and 3D information ontothe real world. The glasses are transparent and can project both 'flat' information (Augmented Reality, AR), and 3D information, making the projection merge with reality (Mixed Reality, MR). This Mixed Reality is a special feature other glasses don't have, which offers unprecedentedopportunities. The glasses are hand- and head-operated, but they can also handle voice commands. The major advantage is that the user has both hands free. The glasses are wireless and comfortable. Ask us about the possibilities!

Benefits of the HoloLens:

2D + 3D holographic projection

Real world remains visible

Wireless, hands-free

Voice-, head- and hand-operated

Real-time remote viewing

Windows 10 Apps and control

Unprecedented opportunities

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