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Do you have a script available or do you have a list of USPs of your product, machine or installation? Do you have any other reference material available, such as photos or videos? What message do you want to communicate to which target group? (We will, of course, explore this in more detail, ask questions and provide advice based on our experience.)


Are there any 3D models available? Are there any 3D models you would like to include in the animation, but cannot provide yourself? Think for example of a landscape or elements from a production environment, such as forklifts, trucks, etc. Often we can provide good quality 3D models at low prices. We are happy to provide our input.

Thank you. Most times we respond within 24 hours (on working days)


After you have returned the signed quotation to us, we will include your project in our production planning. Next, we will get started with your animation.


During the project, we will send you some stills for your comments. You can also comment on the preview animation.


You can add your comments by means of in-screen video notes. After you have added all your comments, we will make adjustments to the animation.


The animation will be calculated in high quality on our own servers. This process also includes the calculation of all images that are necessary for the final animation.


As a last step before delivery, we add effects such as depth of field, colour corrections and video editing.

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